Please try these simple procedures first before submitting a maintenance request.

Garbage Disposal
Have you tried pushing the red reset button on the bottom of the disposal? If not, please try now. Does the disposal work? If you have power does your disposal humm? If it humms then there is something stuck inside the disposal. If the disposal works but water comes up into sink when disposal turned on, submit a maintenance request. Service charges may apply for tenant negligence.
Electric Outlet on Wall
Have you tired pushing the red reset button on outlet? Have you tried pushing the red reset button on the GFI plug? Have you tried resetting breakers?* If these procedures do not work please Submit Service Request Online
*If we go to your unit and we press the reset button on the outlet-plug, GFI outlet-plug or by flipping the breakers back and forth and this is cause of the issue, you will be charged for that service call.
If the inside bottom of dishwasher is full of water please check for food around the drain on bottom of machine and remove food. Then run a cycle on the dishwasher.
Light Bulbs
We do not replace light bulbs. Tenants are responsible for changing light bulbs.
Shower Head Clogged
Please remove shower head and clean out the debris particles in the water that has built up inside shower head. This should take no more than FIVE minutes. If this does not work, submit a maintenance request.
Toilet Seat Loose
Tighten with Screwdriver (Not a Part of Lease), if you want maintenance to tighten or replace toilet seat the service charge will be $55.00 which includes a new toilet seat. ( see video for how to tighten a toilet seat)
Toilet Seat Broken
You would need to buy a new toilet seat and install. CLUB, Inc. does not provide new toilet seats. This is a disposable item and tenant charge.
Mildew in Bathroom or on Tub Walls
Take a 3:1 diluted concentration of bleach and clean walls monthly and wipe ceiling with mop to remove moisture build-up to reduce mildew. If you request CLUB, Inc. to do this, there will be a charge. If there is a water leak or mildew by the side of the tub please submit a maintenance request.
Toilet Clogged
You can use a plunger to unclog. Push the plunger straight down in a quick firm motion. You most likely will need to do this a number of times before the clog is removed. If you need a service call for a stopped-up toilet, you will be charged a service fee.
Smoke Detector
Beeping Noise: Install new 9-Volt battery. CLUB, Inc. is not responsible for replacing batteries, if you submit a maintenance request for a beeping smoke detector there will be a service fee.
Moisture is a common issue which creates mildew. This usually happens when it is cold outside and warm inside. This leads to condensation on the window. Please clean the moisture with a dry towel as often as needed to keep the window dry so that mildew does not build up.
If your furnace is not functioning properly, change the filter and make sure there is proper ventilation around the unit. Vacuum around the outside of the unit and around intake vents.

If you have read the above suggestions and still need to submit a maintenance request...  Click here for the Maintenance Request form.